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melissa lim
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

honey...i just read your blog archives..reminded me off everything in the past 10months..im reminded of how we've overcame all our difficulties and obstacles TOGETHER..we held each other's hands,with our love tying us together,and gone through everything..and we will continue doing the same in the present and future..hmm dar i miss you now..as long as you're not with me,it feels as if our hearts are so apart..like ytd,when you were at home in bedok,and i was in the far end west side of s'pore,it felt as if we were so far apart..hmm but as dar said,we're in each other's heart..we're one..the thought of that makes me feel happier...hmm within just this two months,so many things has happened..but we're still together..loving one another..it feels so warm at heart..only he can give me that warm feeling..i guess its love..i love him.and i always will.i love you my honey n.n glad i can see you tmr in sch(: IMY laogong n.n

our hearts are as one~** 4:33 PM

Friday, February 26, 2010

hello.hello.hello.im bored~
using sch com now..damn boring can?zzz after this still have stupid chinese afternoon programme sia.lol.facebook cant load well also.so use com also super duper boring.zzz.lol i actually cried during recess in sch.lol..chao~

our hearts are as one~** 12:26 PM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

after calling me to tell me he was safe one the first day of new year..i have not heard from dar yet..it has been almost 48hours since dardar contacted me..im damn worried..i know i shouldnt think too much..but how ca i not worry?!especially when dar is so far away..i know malaysia aint THAT far.but when you love someone,as long as he or she is not with you,he is far away from you..furthermore IN MALAYSIA.besides..he told me that he might come back ytd..but i havent heard any news from him for two days..even if he come back today,he shouldnt come back so late right..?dar and didi have sch tmr...im super damn worried..damn scared..where is he..i miss dar..dar..ni zai na li..im srsly practically going mad mad mad.i keep holding on to my phone..the last time he called me,he told me nothing bad will happen de..so dar must be safe..but how not to worry..am i being paranoid..i dont care..i really miss him..im worried...WHERE ARE YOU DAR?!

our hearts are as one~** 5:16 PM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh man..dardar today whole day havent msg me at all..at first i was damn sian..but now i damn scared..i dunno if anything happened to dardar..i hope dar is safe..i rather he is cannot sms me..rather than anything else..im damn scared..i just hope dar is safe..i really hope to receive contact from him asap..im super freaking worried now...dardar please please please sms me asap..i love you..i just need one sms..i just want to know you're safe..dar..please..please be alright..i love you..i miss you dar..

our hearts are as one~** 3:48 PM

Friday, February 12, 2010

hello hello.
i thought of dumping that post..but i shan't.cos that is part of our memories..and we shall remember every single obstacle we made through together.hmm dar now dunno where..hmm he going back malaysia for new year..miss him so so so much..he going there FIVE DAYS leh.sad sia..but then again,i must be positive for dar la,i hope dar have fun thr wor!hmm dardar i miss you..love you o n.n i think dar phone no batt..well anyway,hmm dar so cute,ask me all three days of new year mst take picture in my dresses and show him xP hmm i wish i had my darling phone TT but nvm la,zui duo use cam lo xD well anyway..my whole mind is full of my dardar now...miss him so much..i hope he is safe..i love dardar :D WOOHOO~ HE SMS ME LER...DAR IS SAFE :D hehe now happy liao n.n haha im so right=] his phone bo batt x{ as long dar safe i happy le=] im bored now.....haha see ya=]

our hearts are as one~** 5:19 PM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i never knew how unhappy you were with me..is it too late now..?my hearts hurts so much..i cant stop crying..the pain is far more than excruiciating..
dar...i never knew i made you feel all that..now we've come to this point..it hurts so much..im sorry...i really dont know what decision you will make tomorrow...im afraid to know....when you told me countless of times to believe you that you'll never ever leave me,i did..i used to never be able to believe..but our love made me believe all that you have said..i love you.i love you.i love you.i will never stop saying that..before i continue saying on..please know that im not blaming you or reprimanding you or scolding you..
it hurts because..because of everything you've said to me and promised me and allowed me to believe..you told me never ever to leave you..you told you would never ever leave me..you said you will never abandon me..you said you would never give up on our relationship.you said nothing could make us break apart.you said nothing can seperate us.you told me never to give up on us.you said nothing could stop you from loving me.you said you would take care of me no matter what.you said you wouldn't let anything stand in our way to love each other.you said you'love me and care for me and be there for me forever.you said,you would hold my hand,and we'd both go through all our obstacles TOGETHER no matter what.you said our love is strong enough to make all these promises and our love would withstand everything.you told me to believe in everything you said.you told me to believe in you.you told me,you love me..
so tell me why..why are you giving up now..you really dont want your baby anymore....?you said you'll never dont want your baby de..you said you'll love your baby forever de..then why..why is this happening..im really wishing..i really dont want to break up...i had my hard times..i hung on..because I LOVE YOU.why do you bear to break now..?you never used to even think about it..but now..i dont know how to cope..i dont know i dont know i dont know..i cant live without you..yesterday and today was so hard to survive through..if..if..you tell me the outcome tomorrow..and its that...that you want to break up..what am i going to do..i cant live my life without you in it..i just cant..i know it..
now..i wish i was a better girlfriend..then none of this would happen..you wouldnt be unhappy..i caused you so much grief and unhappiness..i dont know what to do now...i love you.i dont want us to break up...i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you.and nothing will change that.i love you goh wenjian.

our hearts are as one~** 10:12 PM