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its MELicious.

melissa lim
091194 was when i popped out=]
♥ 080409 2310 ♥

i want!!

last long with HIM♥
study hard for O's
stay happy for him :D
ipod TOUCH :D

go to THEM.



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Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's been half a year since I blogged. But today, I just need a place to say it all out cos' I have no one to tell it to.. I know he loves me, I truly believe that I'm the only one he loves, no matter what happens. But what's love without trust? I gave all my trust to him, but he took advantage of it and lied to me, trying to hide it.. When I found out where you went on Wednesday night, my heart really just cracked.. I couldn't think of why you didn't tell me a single thing about going there.. Usually you would ask me before you go, and even if I said no, and you went, at least I knew.. But this time, I had no clue that you went. How could you lie to me so perfectly? I never doubted you at all when you said you were busy that night. I never wanted to ruin your birthday chalet, I never want to ruin your birthday and most of all, I don't want us to end up in a raging quarrel if I were to ask you about this. But I can't contain my hurt.. I cried for 2 hours after I woke up at 5pm this evening. At first, I was hurt because you were hiding things from me and I could not understand why dar would be like this out of a sudden. Especially.. Especially when at that point of time, you knew how much I was doing for you, for your birthday, for your happiness. It hurts to know that even knowing all I'm doing and have done without complain for you, you did this, and hurt me so deeply. But what made things worse was when I looked back on our messages on 8 August night. I was reminded that it was our anniversary. You told me that the whole day you were busy studying and had to buy things for 'us'. Now the thing that I keep asking myself is, did you really go and buy or do something for us? Or was it just a lie to cover the actual fact of where you went? I wish I knew the answer.. But only you will know.. And that night, you told me that you were helping your mama do things that's why you were busy and kept not replying me. And when I called you, you rejected my call and said you can't call that night, twice. I just believed all your words and didn't complain about you not being able to call. But now that I know the reason why you couldn't call or pick up my call was because you were there.. My heart is shattered into pieces.. How could you lie to me so well? How could you do it so perfectly? And even the next day when you came to my house so tired, and I asked you why were you so tired, you could easily tell me that you woke up at 6am to go out with your parents.. When in fact, you were still out there.. Dar, do you know how much it hurts when I slowly put the pieces together and I realise or the lies..? I know you love me deeply, but what happened here? Why are you doing this? And I know that you know that I'll be so hurt when I find out this truth or when you tell me this someday in the future. Why can you bring yourself to do this? All I'm wishing now is for you to come to me on your own, and tell me that you went there on wednesday and want to apologise or admit what you've done.. But I know well enough that this won't happen.. That night, when I asked you for a longer goodnight message because it was our anniversary, you said that you promise you'll send one the next night instead.. But you didn't.. Dar, I know I don't like you go clubbing is one thing that you hate, but is it fair to lie and hide this from me? Doesn't it hurt you anymore to lie to me? Why was it so easy? I don't know how to put myself and my emotions together right now.. I only can pretend to be okay in front of you.. But I wish I could read your mind or heart right now, and find out and understand your heart and your love for me.. Dar during this chalet keep talking about my trust for dar.. I trust dar 100%.. But when dar do this to me.. I don't know how..

our hearts are as one~** 9:05 PM

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hehe dar I just feel like typing something to you(: dar yesterday thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. I needed you to let me kao when I cried, and you were there. And dar help me cheer up the rest of the day :') it was so sweet(: we go bedok eat, then go walk walk, then we go Mavis see see look look^^ then bubble tea shop uncle remember what drink we like to drink^^ then we go our 老地方 hehe take photo take photo take photo together!^^ then go my house baobao and swimming^^ so happy so fun so sweet n.n awwwwwwwww <3 dar I love you I love you!^^ 

our hearts are as one~** 11:15 AM

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hey my darling(:
omg dar super long never send me loooooong sms le aww~~ mmm dar its okay la,i also realise dar also never wantedto hurt me on purpose de..yeah i guess dar is right?i am a bit selfish:/ but only towards dar..cos like,barely me and dar can go back bedok together ma..so bibi thought dardar will send bibi to old house..somemore baby actually still scared of that guy there..cos a few weeks back i just saw him there))): then also cos dar say if baby go then he go,then in service dar also make it like he not going ler ma:/ i'm sorry..am i very selfish?): if i am,just let me know,i'm really sorry:/ dardar i really love you,I'm sorry for rejecting and not picking up your calls again:'( i didn't mean it):  *gets down on knees and look up to dar and apologise and ask for forgiveness*

and also dar thank you so much for caring deeply about my safety and whether or not i was happy..and dar,thank you for not regreting that you never go..(: dar I enjoyed myself today really that we can spend our christmas eve together and also you can get along with my church friends(: i love you my laogong. ai ni 1314 <3 mmmMUACKS!

~oh,and,today really pretty?why o?n.n~

our hearts are as one~** 10:59 PM

Thursday, December 8, 2011

hey dardar(:

bibi long time never post hor^^ dar even longer never post!but its okay,dar, its 081211,2310 now..means we've been together for 32 months now and counting!hehe look at our LOVE COUNTER.never stopped before^^ dardar thank you so much for being mine, and keeping mine as yours. recently,i realised the way dardar treat baby nowadays very different le..but this time,its a SUPER GOOD DIFFERENCE!!!dar recently so sweet to baby!as sweet as last time,and sometimes sweeter than last time o!!hehe dar,bibi super busy tonight but still find time to blog for dar!! HAPPY 2 YEARS 8 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY MY BOY!<333333 dar I'm so glad we are still so deeply in love with one another:') people say 'last long'.i dont want!i want last forever with dar o!hehe i sound mushy~ YOU LIKE MUSHY MUSHY RIGHT.BETTER SMILE LIKE SIAO NOW HORHOR!hehe^^ aishiteru<3 sa rang hae yo.wo ai ni.Je' Taime. I LOVE YOU. mmmmmMUACKS *baobao*

our hearts are as one~** 10:47 PM

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

found this in my com thanks to skype upgrade:')

first photo..
hehe so blur looking^^
this is my favourite photo..so sweet<3
dardar this one smile so gentle..i like<3
poor dardar sick:'(
i force dar show me he take temperature,heart pain
haha..this one is quite recent i remember..:')

our hearts are as one~** 11:02 PM

Sunday, October 9, 2011

hehe..so fast we tgt half a year ler..
080409 - 081009 2310..
hmm i cant believe i cried last night after 2310..
first time i srsly cry out becos very happy wor..
really!nvr before that happened..
hahas.but after that eyes pain. ._.
so smart la me.
i cant believe we half a year tgt le..
im really happy..
thanks dar for everything..n.n

remember this?(: you came my house that day..helped my mama make her blog.
then we took this photo:') this photo was take exactly two years ago from today.
it was so sweet(: as though bearbear is our baby,then we kiss him^^
it was the first time i cried over you because i was purely happy to be in love with you:')
last night,once again,i cried.i was looking at 080411 photos:'(
in every photo,i could see the sadness in our eyes.
how unwilling we were to let it be the last day.
but even through the sadness,we cherished every moment of it together..
and till this date,we still love one another,right?
i can only be sure that i love you,but i know,you do too,don't you?:'(
2 and a half years;2 years 6 months;30 months;913 days;WJ & MEL ♥ 080409 2310 ♥

our hearts are as one~** 10:13 AM

Sunday, September 18, 2011

to tell you the truth,i've been dating a guy.but somehow,everyday,i still think of you every night,before i sleep.i hug bearbears to sleep,kiss them,and sleep beside your jacket.i've been fighting with myself.every night.i miss you so much,yet i tell myself its just me not used to not talking to someone i've been close to for two years.but i've come to realise that i should stop suppressing the fact that i still have feelings for you.even after all that we've put one another through.all the hurt,unhappiness.but most importantly,the love,joy,memories we created when we were in love.i've been asking myself,given a chance to love you again,will i?and i think you should know what's my answer.but when i realise the obstacles between us,it hurts me so badly.why can't we be together without any rejections and dis-acceptance?:'( i really miss you.when you stopped texting me,i was so sure your feelings for me faded.i missed you so badly.i texted you,and you didn't reply.i cried and cried.i dont know why.i cant cry over other guys.but that night,when we talked on the phone,when i realised how much i longed to hear your voice,your hug,being in your arms again,kissed by you,my tears and emotions overwhelmed me.i couldn't control it.these emotions were not able to be with-held back.somehow,a really big part of my heart is still with you.and that's a definite.and remember,when i used to tell you how i always think about our future together?when this guy talked to me about him seeing his future with me,no image came to me.i couldn't picture a future with him.but then,when i thought about my future,guess what i saw?images i used to have when i thought about OUR future together,having a house of our own,a family made from two of us.me and you.i still care for you so deeply.just now,jinxian went to my church after i had already left.he talked to the guy i'm "dating" cos they used to be friends.and the guy told jinxian how much he didn't like you and detested you.when i heard it,i flew into a rage and got so angry!at first,i couldn't explain to myself why i got so angry and upset when he said such things about you.then i realised,that just like last time,i still hated it when people said mean things about you,and i still care for you just as much right now..ytd,when i was using my lifeframe,i stumbled upon the photos we took together in my school a few months back.when i saw them,immediately,i smiled.we were still such a happy couple..so i got tempted today,and i sent you all the photos.i just miss you.i miss how we loved each other without boundaries and limits.how we were willing to sacrifice anything and everything to be together,in love,hold our hands and walk down the path together.i miss you hugging me to sleep,lying on you in the bus rides home.the moments when we couldn't bear to say bye bye for the night when you sent me home.swimming with you..your warm hugs,when our lips met.when i felt your lips on my cheeks and forehead,when we used to smell each other,play with one another's noses.watched cartoons we watched together over and over again.listen to music together.just went out and spent time wasting the day away together.chiong-ing for O's together.getting caught for sitting too close in class..feeding one another during recess..eating the same stingray every single recess without getting bored..i just realised how easily i typed these memories down..none of them have faded..all etched in my mind,in my heart.i haven't forgotten any memory i have of you.i wonder if its the same for you..?

while typing all those and uploading these photos,i was crying,my heart hurt.
did you feel the same way?have you still cry over me?i don't know..and only you will know..
i love you.

our hearts are as one~** 12:24 AM